Engage the eco-conscious consumer. Demonstrate your corporate commitment to sustainability.

SeedPaperPromo.com is a division of Botanical PaperWorks Inc. We’re a Canadian company that has been producing seed paper for the last two decades. Our mission is to help organizations celebrate and promote important moments in a stylish and environmentally responsible manner.

We help companies like Starbucks, Toyota, Sony and McDonalds to create memorable promotional products so that they can engage their eco-conscious customer and also demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Our clients create lasting brand awareness with eco promotional products that get noticed, get talked about and are remembered long after the initial gift.

That’s because all of our products are made with our proprietary (and ultra eco) seed paper. This special paper is embedded with seeds so when the eco promotional product is planted, it composts away and leaves only flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Instead of throwing the promotional product into the garbage, the recipient saves it, plants it and remembers the brand message during the many months of planting, germinating and growing process. This long possession time gives our clients remarkable ROI.

We take helping the environment very seriously and invite you to read about Eco Approved, a program of compliance with the CFIA and the USDA and our internal initiatives.

When you call or email SeedPaperPromo.com, you’ll be talking to one of our friendly corporate sales associates. Whether it’s Jessica, Jenna or our company president Heidi, we’re here to help make your eco-friendly promotional product project a reality. Please contact us to get started.